• Press release №1683

    Russians see more negative consequences of using the GM foods; 83% of Russians would support the ban on GM foods.

  • Press release №1682

    As 25 years ago, the ideal boss is seen by Russians as a severe mature innovation-oriented man. Over this period the number of Russians who want to have a powerful leader has doubled.

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    The way that Russians perceive other countries has substantially changed. Germany is not Russian friend any more, whereas more Russians see China as the friendliest country. The enemies` list is headed by the U.S.A.

Political monotony in France

November 6 – Valery Fedorov participated in the work of the round table “Political monotomy in France: internal situation and France`s position in the world in Hollande`s...

Results for Summer 2014: Crimea, vacation and tourist companies` bankruptcy

September 30 – Valery Fedorov took part in the press conference “Results for Summer 2014: Crimea, vacation and tourist companies` bankruptcy”. You can download the PPT file (in...

Image of enemy in information wars

September 11 – Olga Kamenchuk took part in the media conference “Mass media in new geopolitical reality” organized by the INA “Russia Today” in Koktebel. The VCIOM`s Director on...

Moldova between West and East? Sociologist`s outlook.

September 9 – Valery Fedorov participated in the meeting of the International media club “Format A3” that took place in Kishinev and told about the influence of statistics and...

Putin Forever? Russian President's Ratings Skyrocket Over Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin is enjoying almost unprecedented job-approval ratings in his country. And the only reason for this popularity surge, sociologists say, is Russia's tough stance on Ukraine. A separate study conducted in April by Russia's state-funded polling agency VTSiOM showed that 82 percent of respondents thought their country played an important role in global affairs, compared to 58 percent six years ago.

Source: Rferl.org

Despite Restaurant-Industry Opposition, Moscow Goes Smoke-Free


Ashtrays were solemnly removed from tables and a prohibition on smoking was announced in Moscow's trendy Noor bar when the clock struck midnight on Sunday, signifying a momentous change for the city's nightlife. With the new package of anti-smoking measures coming into force on June 1, Russia's 44 million-strong army of smokers will be forced to adapt to a new, more marginal status in places where they can be seen in public.

La Russie expliquée par son chauffage


En rétablissant l’autorité et les finances de l’Etat russe, le président Vladimir Poutine a su gagner la confiance de la population, malgré les dérives autocratiques. Mais la question du chauffage urbain montre que la restauration des capacités d’investissement public ne s’accompagne pas d’une mise à niveau des services de base. La tentation de les brader au privé reste forte. Quant à l’efficacité énergétique, elle peut attendre.

Putins kraftloses Gegenprojekt zur EU


Eurasische Wirtschaftsunion soll ein wirtschaftliches Schwergewicht zwischen Europa und China werden. Sie ist aber eher ein Winzling. Vom Timing her könnte es besser nicht sein. Am Donnerstag gab das russische Umfrageinstitut VCIOM bekannt, 82 Prozent der Bevölkerung sähen einen starken Einflussgewinn Russlands auf internationaler Ebene und 42 Prozent fänden es an der Zeit, dass Russland sich in diesem Jahrhundert den Status einer Supermacht zurückhole.

Source: Welt.de

Russia: “Foreign Agents” Law Hits Hundreds of NGOs: Updated


In early March 2013 the Russian government launched an unprecedented, nationwide campaign of inspections of thousands of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to identify advocacy groups the government deems “foreign agents” and force them to register as such. The list below tracks the legal consequences of the law on dozens of NGOs.

Source: Hrw.org

Poll: 1% of Russians sees Azerbaijanis as fraternal nation


Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) held an interesting poll among the Russian citizens. During the poll, the respondents enumerated the nations which they see as frater for themselves. APA’s Moscow correspondent reports that the poll was held among 1,600 people living in 130 residential settlements of 42 regions, provinces and republics of Russia.

Source: Apa.az

Rośnie poparcie dla Putina


Już ponad 85 procent Rosjan popiera działalność prezydenta Władimira Putina - wynika z opublikowanych dziś badań Ogólnorosyjskiego Centrum Badania Opinii Publicznej (VTsIOM). "Poparcie dla działań prezydenta Putina rośnie od pięciu miesięcy. Od kwietnia, kiedy prezydenta popierało 82,2 procent badanych, ocena wzrosła do 85,9 procent.

October, 2014
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