• Press release №1619

    The Sochi Olympics has increased Russia`s prestige in the international arena and gave rise to the development of the physical education and sport in the country.

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    To buy a bottle of vodka most of Russians are ready to pay the price higher or equal to the minimum legal price ; however today every fourth consumer pays less than 170 rubles for half a litre.

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    Over two consecutive weeks the rating of the Putin`s performance has been at high levels against the backdrop of the successful Winter Olympics and deterioration of the situation in Ukraine and Crimea.

Former Soviet Space – Integrating or Falling Apart?

3-6 April (Chicago, US) – Olga Kamenchuk has moderated a section and presented in the course of Midwest Political Science Association’s 72nd Annual Conference in Chicago. She...

Situation in Ukraine. On the way towards peaceful settlement

March 6 – Valery Fedorov took part in the open meeting devoted to the topic “Situation in Ukraine. On the way towards peaceful settlement”. The meeting took place at the Russian...

New media – new dimensions

February 14 – Olga Kozhevnikova spoke on “New media – new dimensions” at the education forum “Future of communications’ dedicated to journalists, editors, media and PR...

Economic assessments, forecasts, moods in the beginning of 2014: ruble, savings, purchases

February 6 – The VCIOM`s General Director Valery Fedorov attended the press conference devoted to the economic situation in Russia. How much will the Dollar cost? Is it worth...

El número de rusos que usan el internet aumenta tres veces desde 2006


El número de los internautas rusos creció tres veces desde 2006, según un sondeo del Centro ruso de Estudio de la Opinión Pública (VTSIOM). La encuesta evidencia que el 68% de los rusos usa el internet y el 45% de ellos lo hace a diario.

Source: Sp.ria.ru

Russian search for national identity explains popularity of conservatism - Russian experts


Russians favor conservate ideology not because they long for the Soviet Union, but because they are searching for national identity, Nikolay Mironov, the director of the Institute of Priority Regional Projects, told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Stability & comfort over democracy: Russians share preferences in poll


Seventy-one percent of Russians say they are ready to sacrifice civil freedoms to maintain stability, order and personal well-being, according to influential pollster VCIOM. The poll was conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Center in early March and its results were published on the agency’s website on Thursday.

Source: Rt.com

Co w głowach mają Rosjanie? "Porządek jest ważniejszy niż demokracja"


Według badania rosyjscy respondenci są gotowi godzić się na ograniczenie wolności osobistej i zasad demokratycznych, jeśli w zamian państwo zapewni im poczucie bezpieczeństwa. Państwowy ośrodek badania opinii publicznej WCIOM opublikował dziś badanie opinii publicznej na temat stosunku Rosjan do demokracji.

Source: Wyborcza.pl

Moscou traque la «cinquième colonne»


Le Parlement russe a durci les sanctions contre les organisateurs de manifestations non autorisées et spontanées. Parallèlement à son combat diplomatique mené contre l'Occident et le nouveau gouvernement ukrainien, le pouvoir russe se lance dans une chasse aux opposants de l'intérieur, comme si ces initiatives représentaient les deux faces d'une même médaille.

Source: lefigaro.fr

96% des Russes approuvent l'intégration de la Crimée (sondage)


MOSCOU, 2 avril - RIA Novosti. 96% des Russes approuvent l'intégration de la Crimée à la Fédération de Russie, selon un sondage réalisé par le Centre russe d'étude de l'opinion publique (VTsIOM). "Trois quarts des Russes (76%) estiment que l'intégration de la Crimée à la Russie sera utile pour notre pays. Seuls 6% des sondés affirment que l'adhésion de la Crimée sera plutôt nuisible", a indiqué le VTsIOM sur son site internet.

Source: Fr.ria.ru

People value Putin as an experienced politician - expert


What determines a politician’s rating? The latest poll held by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) shows that President Vladimir Putin has the approval rating of 60 percent. It has been 60 percent for months now, amazingly stable and seemingly unaffected either by successes on the international stage or widespread flooding in the Far East or a controversial pension reform.

Index of relations between Russia and the U.S. (percentage points)

March, 2014
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