Press release №1906
RUSSIA AND CIS COUNTRIES: SUCCESS, RELIABILITY AND TRUST. As before, Russians consider Belarus and Kazakhstan to be the most successful CIS countries and Russia’s key partners.  MOSCOW, December 
   Press release №1905
FEDERAL NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS SERVICE: EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT A NEW GOVERNMENT BODY. Russians expect from the new Federal National Guard Troops Service increased levels of security and want to know 
   Press release №1904
RANKING OF SECURITY AGENCIES. The balance of assessments of the security agencies is positive. Ministry of Defense and Ministry for Emergency Situations are at the top of the ranking. MOSCOW, December 
   Press release №1903
SELFIE GENERATION: FIVE MYTHS ABOUT YOUTH. “The young generation are not what they used to be”, “they do not need anything, they are not interested in anything”, “they do not read anything; they only 
   Press release №1902
RUSSIAN CONSTITUTION: RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. We do not know the Constitution well but we strongly hold on to its basic rights and freedoms. MOSCOW, December 12, 2016.  Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №1901
PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS TO THE FEDERAL ASSEMBLY -2016. Forty-three percent of Russians are aware of what the Presidential address was about. An overwhelming majority of TV viewers consider the 
   Press release №1900
2016 OPENNESS RANKING OF RUSSIAN FEDERAL EXECUTIVE AGENCIES. Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations is at the top of the openness rating of federal executive bodies in 2016. Ministry of Housing and 
   Press release №1899
MONITORING OF INFLATION IN RUSSIA. October saw a considerable leap upwards in prices for horticultural crop. MOSCOW, November 28, 2016.  Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents 
   Press release №1898
RUSSIAN SOCIAL WELL-BEING: UPS AND DOWNS. Assessments of political situation and general country’s development are improving despite a decrease in people’s satisfaction with social welfare.  
   Press release №1897
ULYUKAEV: ALONE IN THE FIELD?. The arrest of the Russian minister Ulyukaev drew wide response, however many Russians still think that anti-corruption measures are insufficient. MOSCOW, November 25, 

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